Before you purchase a piece of software you need to know if you can get your questions answered, if you can expect bugs to be fixed, and if new features will be added. This is especially important for automation software as new automation hardware is being developed all the time.

What follows is our plan to make sure that your questions are answered, new features added, and problems resolved. We have tried hard to be fair to you, all our users, and to us.

Registered users of a previous version of HCA can upgrade to the new version of HCA for less than the full price of the new version.

What this means: If you have registered any previous version of HCA - 1.x to 14.x - you can upgrade to HCA 15 at a special pricing level.

If you have purchased HCA within sixty days prior to the release of a new version, we will upgrade you via download at no charge if you ask.

What this means: If after 15-August-2018 you purchased HCA 14, or purchased an upgrade to HCA 14 from a previous version, you can upgrade to HCA 15 for no cost. If you think this applies to you then send an email to support saying when you purchased HCA and requesting the upgrade.

We intend to release a point version of HCA approximately every 4 months. These point releases will fix bugs and possibly add new features. These are provided at no charge to all registered users of that version.

What this means: We released HCA 15.0 on 15-October-2018 and expect to release 15.2 in Feb-2019. If you are a registered HCA 15 user you get these upgrades by download at no charge.

We will answer support questions for the current and previous version of HCA to registered users only.

What this means: Since the current version of HCA is 15, if you are a registered user of 14.x or 15.x you can ask support questions via email and we will answer them. If you are using an older version then we probably will not answer your question until you upgrade.

We do not intend and do not commit to fix any bugs found in versions of HCA other than the current version.

What this means: HCA 15 is the current version, if you find a bug in HCA 14 we may not fix it but provide the fix in the next version 15 point release. As a user of HCA prior to version 15, to get the fix you must upgrade to HCA 15. If you are requesting a new feature and that feature is in the current version of HCA, the answer is to upgrade to the current version.